Royal Cars: Why There Was A Need Of Replacing Them?

Change is the need of time, and it is assumed that it always proves beneficial for some reason. We should never be scared of changes as we might lose something good, but the fact is that we gain something better. With this thought, automotive specialists gave birth to the new era of cars which is totally different from the past. These connoisseurs had a belief that advancement is unattainable without changes and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything. In the old times, there was no competition in buying a car because it was entirely out of the reach of an average person. Rich people with good bank balance used to buy the automobiles depending upon their needs. People in the past were not crazy about the beauty of the car. Moreover, there was nothing in the name of technology, in these cars.

The cars available in the past were simple in designing and machining. These old cars can be distinguished into three types:

Antique Cars: The antique car era comprises of the Brass era, the Veteran era, and the Vintage era, which varies from the commencement of the automobile up to the 1930s. The State Law places the antique car categorization. A unique type of license plate is given to these cars which help them to qualify as "antique" along with the fact of being more than 50 years old.

Classic Cars: Vehicles that are 30 to 49 years old comes under the group of Classic Cars. In the United Kingdom, classic cars range from veteran (pre-First World War) to vintage (1919-1930) and post-vintage (1930s). The usage of the automobile is also taken into account like whether it was used for recreational purposes or has restricted mileage.

Vintage Cars: The automobiles that belong to the period of 1919 and 1930 come under the class of vintage cars.

The question comes that what was the problem with these vehicles that lead to the beginning of a new era of the automobiles. Following are the reasons that resulted in such a significant change, in the automobile industry:

Use of Carburetor Engines: Carburetor engines were used in the old vehicles instead of fuel engine, which was the principal reason of this great change. Carburetor engines rely on mechanical components while the fuel engines depend on electronic components. In former, one had to make manual adjustments, but no such manual alterations are required to perform in later.

Poor Engine Efficiency: These carburetor engines were not so efficient as compared to the engines available in the cars of the present time. These were big in size and used to produce lots of noise. The modern engines are powerful, work smarter and small in size.

Low Safety Measures: Old cars were less equipped with the several safety measures like seat belts, air bags, tail lights, sensors, camera, Wi-Fi and many more.

All these problems have been overcome in the current vehicles which are simply designed to offer ease, luxury and performance to those who are real car enthusiasts.